21 November 2018

Seeking new consulting projects for 2019

Hello masonwong.com readers,

I am now scheduling new consulting projects with kickoff dates in Q1 / January 2019. If you know of any companies who could benefit from my expertise, please message me. Successfully completed projects include:

- Jobvite optimization, reconfiguration, implementation, integrations, training (worldwide)

- Advanced custom reports training, development & analysis of Jobvite data (worldwide)

- recruiting operations & process improvement (U.S. nationwide)

- interim head of global talent acquisition (SF Bay Area)

For more information, please see http://zwd.com

Thanks very much in advance for any leads on new projects.


13 January 2018

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Excellent summary of Star Trek’s Mirror Universe along with the major plot threads of the latest #StarTrekDiscovery episode.  https://youtu.be/c0Wq36aHT6A