28 September 2008

A Good Long Nap

Today reminded me how much a good long nap can be so beneficial.  Earlier today, I wasn't thinking I was all that tired and I had no intentions of taking a nap.  After a short morning walk, a slightly late lunch and some afternoon web surfing, I put my head down on the pillow for just a moment and then found myself sleeping for a good five-plus hours.

The mid-afternoon temperature outside was slightly warm and I had the bedroom door to the outside open and the fan gently blowing in the fresh air.  As the evening approached, the temperature nicely dipped to a cooler range and the crickets on the nearby hillside began their chorus of chirping in unison.

I probably would have slept longer except for my wife waking me up, pointing out how I was drooling all over my pillow.  Yeah, the sign of a good long nap.

I feel refreshed, at a lowered state of stress, and calm.  This overall physical and psychological sensation reminded me of when I used to take long naps in college.  Between intense study sessions and occasional socializing and partying, I often would take long naps to mitigate the pressures of college life.  Come to think of it, I also took naps when I used to ride my mountain bike a lot.

It's hard to believe I started college 20 years ago.  Where has all the time gone?  I've certainly  accomplished a lot in those 20 years, lived in many places, lived with many great people, and traveled to fascinating destinations around the world.  Yet, for right now, for this moment, I'm most proud and most comfortable with my good long nap today.