09 January 2010

Sharing More and More

We all know about how much anyone can easily share about their thoughts, their web discoveries, and beyond, on Twitter and Facebook. The media seems to be turning it's attention on sites where people share where they are, through geotagging, now that the iPhone and so many other smartphones log GPS coordinates to be then displayed on sites ilke Loopt, Brightkite, foursquare, and others.

Now, you can even easily share what you buy or spend money on with Blippy. While others can debate how useful or careless it is to share or overshare matters that some would consider critically private, I'm wondering, what comes next?

If each successive younger generation is not only willing, but expecting to share more and more than what older generations would consider private, then what more is there to share?

Does someone make a website where people easily share every time they fart? take a leak or a dump? Are details and ratings assigned to such events?

Does someone make a website where people tout every sexual conquest they've had?

Does someone make a website where people share when they get sick? hack up phlegm? break out with acne?

Surely, there must be some way, either now or real soon, to passively track and instantly display what TV programs someone is watching.

Perhaps an ice cream or frozen yogurt store chain could use a membership card to passively track and instantly publicize what flavors and amounts customers are eating.

I guess wildly speculating what else could be shared is not as interesting as what next social media concept would be most compelling for users?