03 March 2012

What is B82?

What is Apple's mystery accessory, code name B82?

Something tells me that a Bluetooth remote control with built in microphone so you can talk to Siri on the new AppleTV is far too little to really inspire, excite, and keep so secret.

Theoretically, the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, can all be made to work as a remote microphone to talk wirelessly to a new Siri powered AppleTV.

I think B82 has to be something like a wireless, 3D motion sensing, tactile feedback dedicated game controller to work with iOS games displayed on big flat panel TVs. Part of my speculation of a game controller is because the Apple announcement this coming Wednesday at Yerba Buena Center is going to take place across the street from the huge Game Developers Conference.

Here's a darker thought... would Apple dare to follow Microsoft to create their own version of Kinect?

So, what is B82?