12 June 2009

Offensively Bad HR Systems Demo

Yesterday (Thursday, 11 June 2009), I attended an HR systems demo that was so bad, it wasn't just disappointing, or somewhat disorienting. It was so bad, I was actually offended.

The vendor shall remain nameless, at least for now, in part because my employer has decided to give this vendor a second chance with the HR systems demo. Essentially, a do over.

Why bother? Because this vendor may end up providing business applications for other departments where I work and the evaluation process for those functions are not yet complete. Also, the vendor gave excuses that certain HR functions which we asked for did exist, and even boasted that they use their own system for their own company's HR, but such requested HR functions weren't in this particular demo configuration, so we couldn't see it in action. Another excuse was that certain individuals from their side were not available to discuss their portions of the system.  So, a do over would mean they would have no excuses.