13 March 2009

Product Review: Pei Pa Koa

A pretty nasty cold is going around lately. I've heard from people at work, from family members, and others, that a nasty bug is causing people's throats to get very sore, and causes the sinuses to feel very irritated. Unfortunately, I was not immune to this. For the past 8 days, I've experienced evolving symptoms from this cold bug.

Last night, I suffered some fairly painful sensations in my mouth and sinuses. I was already taking fairly large doses of ibuprofen as a result of my dental procedure earlier this week, but I felt I really needed to take something for my sinuses and cough. I hadn't taken anything specifically for the cold all week.

Product Review: Ricera

I had some dental work done earlier this week, requiring me to eat soft and liquid foods for some time. During my most recent visit to Whole Foods Market, I decided to load up on soy yogurt, which I've enjoyed before. 

Product Review: Glad ForceFlex

We've been using the 13 gallon tall kitchen draw string Glad ForceFlex garbage bags for a couple of weeks now.  It's been apparent from the start that these bags rip easily.  At first, we were cleaning stuff out of the garage so there were some heavier or more pointed objects that probably would rip most garbage bags.  But just today, a normal load of kitchen garbage caused a bag to rip. Even the user reviews on Amazon reflect other customers experiencing ripped bags.

We definitely will not buy anymore ForceFlex garbage bags.

Thumbs down.

12 March 2009

Space Station Crew Prepared To Abandon Ship

I was driving to work this morning when I heard on the radio news that the crew of the International Space Station had just been ordered into their Soyuz space capsule for possible evacuation due to the potential for collision with space debris.

While I don't find space travel nearly as fascinating as when I was a kid, I certainly hoped no harm would come to the crew or the station itself.

I'm glad to read the high speed space debris missed by a few miles, but I'm not sure if the story deserves to be buried as deep as it already has on the CNN website.