13 March 2009

Product Review: Pei Pa Koa

A pretty nasty cold is going around lately. I've heard from people at work, from family members, and others, that a nasty bug is causing people's throats to get very sore, and causes the sinuses to feel very irritated. Unfortunately, I was not immune to this. For the past 8 days, I've experienced evolving symptoms from this cold bug.

Last night, I suffered some fairly painful sensations in my mouth and sinuses. I was already taking fairly large doses of ibuprofen as a result of my dental procedure earlier this week, but I felt I really needed to take something for my sinuses and cough. I hadn't taken anything specifically for the cold all week.

My wife has always kept a bottle of Nin Jiom Herbal Cough Syrup, also known as Pei Pa Koa, or King-to Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa, in the house and I usually have ignored it. I often try to tough it out through cold symptoms, avoid medications and only occasionally reaching for over the counter Western medicines.

At 5 A.M., I really felt the need for some relief. I reread the label on the Pei Pa Koa bottle and decided the herbal formula was worth a shot. The highly viscous, dark, aromatic fluid reminded me of some childhood experiences when my parents would give me the exact same stuff. I consumed the dose and avoided drinking water afterwards.

I quickly found my mouth and sinuses soothed for the next few hours. The bottle instructs for the product to be taken every two hours. I was able to go five hours before my next dose. I expect to continue using Pei Pa Koa through the end of this cold.

Thumbs up.