13 March 2009

Product Review: Ricera

I had some dental work done earlier this week, requiring me to eat soft and liquid foods for some time. During my most recent visit to Whole Foods Market, I decided to load up on soy yogurt, which I've enjoyed before. 

I noticed in the same refrigerated section a new product called Ricera, Organic Rice Yogurt. I've enjoyed rice milk beverages before, so I thought I'd give it a try.

I've since eaten three different flavors of Ricera and I have to say, none of them taste or have the mouthfeel of anything like yogurt. They are all very sweet, seem to be more goupy-runny than creamy, and ultimately have a closer resemblance to pudding than yogurt. Setting aside any yogurt-like expectations, I still find the product an unnecessarily sweet and runny cup of goo.

I'm all for trying non-dairy alternative products, but Ricera doesn't cut it.

Thumbs down.