27 July 2009

No Longer Reliant on the Major Job Boards

I am pleased to announce that professionally, I am no longer a paying customer of Careerbuilder, Dice, or Yahoo! HotJobs, for job postings and resume database access. Where I work, we still use Monster, but my employer's parent company pays for the little we use of it. Applicant flow from all the major job boards were clearly on the decline and we were making fewer and fewer hires from them.

26 July 2009

Bay Area Job Market Gradually Warming Back Up

I'm noticing the Bay Area high tech job market is gradually warming up from the frigid chill of the past 6 months. At my own employer, we have a handful of recently open positions in our two Bay Area locations.

Over the past month, I've received a handful of whispered leads for contract recruiting gigs at various tech companies.

18 July 2009

Product Review: GT's Raw Organic Kombucha, Multi-Green

The other day I was shopping at Whole Foods Market when I came upon the refrigerated display for bottled Kombucha. I know very little about kombucha, other than it's a sort of highly nutritious tea, and I had it once before years ago. I had a faint recollection it didn't taste very good.

On a whim, I grabbed a bottle of GT's Organic Raw Kombucha, Multi-Green flavor, to give it a try. Certainly, the marketing text on the labels touted all sorts of nutritional benefits. It was only later that I figured out that this wasn't any ordinary tea. It was fermented tea. With a kick.

16 July 2009

Innovators in Recruiting Technology

The past few months, I've had the serendipitous opportunity to meet with a handful of separate innovators in the recruiting technology field. I believe they have each had an interest in speaking with me based on my experience having selected, implemented, administered, troubleshot, and critiqued various online recruiting tools. These innovators have discussed or shown some great ideas for future functionality or products in the space.

I think what has impressed me the most is the passion and vision that these folks have had in their innovations, even though we are in the worst employment market slump in our lifetime.