26 July 2009

Bay Area Job Market Gradually Warming Back Up

I'm noticing the Bay Area high tech job market is gradually warming up from the frigid chill of the past 6 months. At my own employer, we have a handful of recently open positions in our two Bay Area locations.

Over the past month, I've received a handful of whispered leads for contract recruiting gigs at various tech companies.

(It's my personal practice to only recommend one recruiter to each such lead and it's almost always someone I've worked with before. If I've worked with you before and I haven't shared any leads with you yet, it's only because I carefully consider the circumstances of the lead (i.e. type of company, category of reqs, manager style, location) and then decide which one recruiter I wish to confidentially recommend.)

Clearly, budgets are loosening up, headcount is getting approved, corporate recruiting teams are beefing back up, and people are getting hired.

Let's hope the trend continues, for everyone's sake.