26 April 2010

Facebook Privacy Concerns Are Overblown

Now that the backlash seems to be subsiding, I gotta say that I don't share the recent concern that a lot of people have expressed about Facebook's privacy practices.

First and foremost, FB is a free service, if you don't like it, nobody is forcing you to use it.

Second, the whole point of FB is to share info with a sizeable audience.

Third, every time you load up an app or allow a third party site to connect with your FB profile, there has been a very clear and explicit explanation as to what you are consenting to.

Fourth, what does it matter if some marketers know a few things about you and send you personalized ads? You're not trapped in a room having to hear a pitch on buying into a time-share or being offered a few free hits before getting addicted to some dealer's supply.

Sure, people need to be careful in general when using the web, but the rancor and cynicism towards FB, in my opinion, is uncalled for. I think some in the tech media are taking advantage of any system change with FB to stir up fears and generate attention to their articles.

I think most of us have gotten a lot more out of FB than they have gotten out of us.