19 May 2010

iPhone >> Blackberry

I just got my very first Blackberry issued by my new job.

OK, so I'm not complaining about having to carry an electronic dogleash, and I appreciate the nice integration with MS Exchange for persistently sync'd work email, calender, and contacts. And I like not having to pay for it or having to submit any expense reports on its charges.

But I gotta say, the Blackberry's user interface, its screen pointer and little trackball, the tiny click keyboard, the cryptic screen icons, and the oversized in-browser action buttons, are all very tedious indeed. Even tiresome.

It all seems so 2006, like in an alternate bizzaro universe in which Apple and Steve Jobs never existed.

The iPhone, with it's multi-touch screen and easy UI, are just light-years ahead of RIM's Blackberry.

I very much prefer the iPhone.