10 July 2010

Finally, A Power Drill

I'm approaching 40 and I finally got myself my first very own power drill. My wife will easily tell you that I'm not exactly a handyman. However, over the past few years, I've been assembling a pretty decent set of hand tools, even storing them in a rugged looking tool box, which it seems to me every responsible, grown man in America should have.

In the past, I've owned a power screwdriver, but one of my ex-roommates snagged it from me while moving out, which I didn't even notice until many months after the fact.

But a power drill was previously something that I never thought I'd need or really should have any business owning.  I guess that's what I still think of in terms of any sort of power saw.

Earlier today, I was working on a minor home improvement project that couldn't wait any longer. I always knew a power drill was needed. The idea of maybe borrowing one from a friend, a neighbor, or even the local library, kept hanging around as an excuse to not buy one. It was a lousy excuse. I finally hit the local ACE hardware store (any chance to avoid Home Depot is preferred these days) and picked up a Black & Decker cordless power drill.

I was amazed how fast I was able to drill and screwdrive with 18 volts. It felt like I had suddenly transported myself out of the Paleolithic Age and into the 21st century. My fingers, thumb, wrists, and forearms didn't ache from any strenuous turns of the screwdriver.

I'm still not exactly a handyman. But watch out! I've got my power drill now.