04 December 2008

What is Twitter?

A few people have asked me about Twitter. If you already use Twitter, then you already understand.  But for those that haven't used it, haven't read it, and don't know how it's different than Facebook or Friendster, I give one simple answer:

Twitter is the CB radio of the 21st Century.

Just like the CB radio of the 20th Century, on Twitter:
  • what you say is publicly accessible
  • the format is geared for short bursts of words, not long winded responses
  • you give yourself, your interests, your perspective, a voice 
  • you can communicate one-to-many, or one-on-one, while others listen in
  • you have a handle-name
  • you can call for emergency help and someone will likely help
Of course, Twitter is different than CB radio, because:
  • it's mostly text, not audio
  • you have visible lists of followers and followed
  • you have a profile page where others can read your past tweets
  • you need a PC or smartphone instead of a CB radio unit
  • works just as well night and day
What do you think about Twitter?