25 May 2011

Product Review: CrispRoot Original

On a lark, my wife and I picked up a bag of CrispRoot brand cassava chips to try as a slightly healthier alternative to potato chips. They're excellent. We think they're noticeably better than most potato chips. They have a deeply satisfying crunch and a distinct potato-like flavor. The seasonings of salt and garlic powder are just right.

Cassava root are also known as yuca, a root vegetable that is used by many cultures, especially in South America. I first learned about yuca while watching Anthony Bourdain visit Peru. He visited some very poor farmers in the mountains. One thing they served him was a beverage comprised of yuca root that had been partly chewed and spit out by the village women, a process which uses the natural enzymes in saliva to break down the yuca. Not exactly a pleasing idea and pretty much has nothing to do with CrispRoot chips.

The manufacturer's website indicates a commitment to simple and healthy ingredients, as well as some grassroots origins of the brand. I do wonder if the company is truly independent and family oriented as they portray themselves, or whether there is a major global food conglomerate behind the scenes of this well crafted niche brand.

Either way, the chips are good. Thumbs up.