26 October 2008

Biased Anchorwoman Confronts Biden

Anchorwoman Barbara West of ABC affiliate WFTV in Orlando, Florida, posed some direct and confrontational questions to Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden during a brief satellite interview. West's questions expose her blatant bias for the smear tactics of the McCain-Palin campaign. She repeatedly scrapes at the bottom of the barrel with misleading questions about whether Obama is a Marxist and if Biden is embarrassed about the ACORN controversy. While Biden responded substantively, he also called her out for the slimy quality of her questions. 

Soon afterwards, the Obama-Biden campaign promptly canceled a subsequent WFTV interview with Biden's wife, Jill Biden, citing the unprofessionalism of Barbara West. 

The Drudge Report has posted a link to this YouTube video as its headline story for the moment.

And some people think all media has a liberal bias. Geesh.