23 October 2008

Disgusting Extortion Tactics By Prop 8 Supporters

The San Francisco Chronicle has just run an article about threatening letters sent to California businesses from the supporters of Proposition 8 to extort them for donations with the threat of publishing their company names in a list.  This is absolutely disgusting behavior by these hate-mongering, so called "Christian" leaders.  This is quite upsetting!

Really, this sort of bigoted power mongering tactic should result in the revocation of the tax-exempt status of the churches involved.  For literally millenia, the Catholic church and others have severely abused their institutional power, resulting in the slaughter of millions, the obscene oppression of women, the destruction of nations, an ongoing philosophical war against science and scientists, and the continuing discrimination against gays.  I do not understand and certainly do not support major churches having tax exemption in the U.S.

Church and religion is supposed to be about bringing people together, giving meaning to people's lives, and promoting peace.  Any goals behind that, no matter how cloaked in "morality", is a self-serving sham.

I am voting NO on Prop 8.  The abuse of church influence must be stopped here and now.  The hate must end.