21 October 2008

Embedded Instant Messenger

Recently, I've been trying to embed a live chat widget into my blog.  For the past week, I had a meebo widget called meebo me installed.  Earlier today, I swapped it out for the newly released Yahoo! Messenger Pingbox widget.

Meebo is a browser based thin-client IM tool that aggregates different platforms, including Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk.  It worked fine but I didn't entirely get used to managing multiple IM dialog windows within a single browser window.

I do most of my IM with just a small handful of people on Yahoo!, including some of my co-workers.  Having found the new Pingbox widget from Yahoo!, I decided to chuck meebo and try out Pingbox.

It seems to work fine, except I'm noticing that when I view my own blog through Safari on Mac OS X Leopard, the browser sometimes crashes.  It complains that it is Flash related.  I'm unclear whether the problem is with Pingbox or it's something else.  Since Pingbox was released just a couple days ago, and it's the newest widget on my blog, I am assuming that's the source of the problem.

If anyone knows more about this, please let me know.