04 November 2008

Thank You John McCain

I have great respect for John McCain's service to the United States. He is an honorable man, a brave soldier and POW, and an accomplished senator.

His campaign clearly was not honorable in many ways, but given he faced such a gigantic tidal wave of a political opponent from Obama's campaign, McCain's campaign was forced to take chances. Unfortunately for McCain, his campaign came across as erratic, rather than risk taking.

McCain will still serve as Arizona's senator and one of the most powerful members of the Senate for another two years.  He will continue to serve this great country.  The United States is certainly better off with McCain as senator and even as a presidential candidate.

I just wanted to mention here a side note.  CNN is doing a pretty good job.  We are watching CNN exclusively tonight.  The hologram gimmick is pretty worthless, and I'm convinced CNN is more committed to being an entertainment channel over being a news channel.