11 November 2008

Multiple Junk Mail From Farmers Insurance

We are getting deluged with multiple pieces of junk mail, the paper snail mail kind, from Farmers Insurance agents. Each piece of junk mail looks a bit different: some are post cards with varying designs, some are letters in envelopes, and each has a different agent's name (each claiming to be our neighborhood's agent), and each destination address is slightly different, with either different spellings of our names, or the address is expressed slightly different, including the 9 digit zip code showing some variations.

The disappointing thing is that we have been on do-not-mail lists for nearly a year and the junk mail in general has greatly subsided, until now. Obviously, Farmers Insurance has purchased some rather dubious marketing mailing lists and gone ahead and spammed at least the city of Belmont with repetitive and nearly duplicate junk mail. It's not cool. If we continue to get more of this junk mail, I may file a complaint.

Insurance agents are pretty slimy, eh? I buy my few, necessary policies online.